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NEW! Grandma Bubbles Books for Young Readers!

Teaching your preschooler to read? Grandma Bubbles has written some original, fun, colorful books that contain engaging stories that will keep your reader wanting to come back for more.

Jump in with Kit and Glug and teach your child how fun reading can be!

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My preschool girls love reading Grandma Bubbles Books. Click here to see them read a few pages from the Kit and Glug series.

Here are some other products to help your child in their reading adventure:


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Here are some great books that are full of activities and ideas for toddlers and preschoolers!

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When my daughter was 2 1/2 years old I taught her how to use a mouse. I then set her loose on It is full of learning activities for kids. My daughter knew all of her letters and sounds long before she was 3, thanks to this site.

Starfall also has Learn-to-Read phonics books that you can purchase to help your child's reading skills develop even further.

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Before entering Kindergarten a child should:


Check out the latest alphabet ideas from the NEW ideasforpreschoolers blog!

1. Purchase a pack of magnetic alphabet letters from the dollar store. As you're going through the alphabet with your child start with one letter at a time. Show your child the "A" and have him put it on a cookie sheet. As your child gets older have a child find each letter that you name and put it on the cookie sheet.

2. I would suggest purchasing "Sesame Street ABC's complete set of 26 books ". There is one board book for each letter of the alphabet. The books tell a story that use several words that start with the letter in the title. I have read these to my two year old so many times that I have them all memorized. My two year old now knows several of the letters from reading those books.

3. Make FILE FOLDER GAMES to teach your child her ABCs.

4. Here are some more TOYS & GAMES for teaching the alphabet.

5. Here are some CRAFTS you can make for ABCs.

6. Read your child a LOT of BOOKS and make your own.

7. Play GAMES with your child.

8. Teach your child her ABCs online by playing this online computer game, The ABCs Zoo . It goes through the alphabet and gives an example of a zoo animal that starts with each letter. My child loves it because it's something different and fun.

9. Here are some Letter WORKSHEETS.

10. Here are some alphabet COLOR PAGES.

11. Here are some DVDs you could get for your child to watch to help him learn his abcs.

12. Here are some alphabet BATH TOYS.

13. Here are some ideas from other WEBSITES.

14. Here are some online JIGSAW PUZZLES.