Ideas for Preschoolers:

Developing Writing Skills

It takes a lot of hand eye coordination, practice and muscle strength before kids can learn to write.  You can start teaching them these skills by having them trace their finger along a path, trying to keep their finger between the lines. 








After they've mastered this, have them trace the path with a pen or pencil. Then have them trace a path that makes a letter.

Kids like new things so instead of tracing on paper, maybe try having them connect dots to a letter you write on a white board.








There are many different things kids can do to practice their letter writing. Have them trace their letters in a pie tin filled with a little colored sand.  Make letters out of playdough.  Make pudding and have the child write letters with their fingers in that on a cookie sheet.  Trace letters with string.  Print and laminate large letters and have the child trace them with a toy car.

Published on 2011-03-03 08:00:00


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