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Let's Play Music


I enrolled my preschool daughter in a fun music class, "Let's Play Music."  This is a three year program for 4-7 year olds that teachings early music skills.  When kids are this young, their fingers aren't developed enough for playing the piano, but these are also the years when they learn the most.  This program focuses on teaching kids music concepts, theory, etc. while they are at the age where they want to learn.  They learn through play.  It's a really neat program and my daughter has really been enjoying it.

Click here to see go to the "Let's Play Music" site and see a video that goes over what they do in this three year program. You can also find a teacher near you from that site.

One of the things the kids do is learn puppet shows that are put to different classical pieces of music.  It's really fun and my daughters love to listen to the music and tell the stories with their puppets. There are also hand signs for each puppet.  Here's a video of my daughter putting on the Aladdin puppet show. 

Published on 2011-03-09 09:00:00


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