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Making Coloring Pages from Photos

My girls love to color.  They ask me practically every day if I can print out a coloring page for them to color.  Click here for a bunch of printable coloring pages.

Also, how fun is it to make your own coloring pages from photos!  The kids can color pictures of themselves!  Here is a video and written instructions on how to do it.  It's super fast and easy!  You just need Photoshop.

Make coloring pages from photos

1. Open photo in Photoshop.

2. Duplicate background layer - Layer/New/Layer via copy (ctrl+j)
3.With Layer 1 selected: Image/Adjustment/Desaturate (grayscale)
4. Copy Layer 1 - Layer/New/Layer via copy (ctrl+j). Click on new layer--name Layer 2
5. With Layer 2 selected: Image/Adjustment/Invert
6. Layers Palette--Change to Color Dodge. Filter/Blur/Gausian Blur. Radius arrow all the way to the left. Gradually move slider to the right. If the photo reappears, nudge to the right. Once you’re happy, click OK.












You can also make a coloring page Photoshop action so all you have to do is click one button and have it make a coloring page for you.

To make a coloring page action:

1. Open a picture.
2. Go to your Actions pallet (Window->Actions if it's not already open)
3. Click on "Default Actions" folder (should be at the very top).
4. At the bottom of the actions pallet there are several icons. Click on the "Create new action" icon (the paper folded at one to the trash can).
5. Name your action (Coloring Page Action) and click "Record". Your action is now recording.
6. Follow steps 2 through 6 above.
7. After completing step 6, go back to your actions pallet and click the "Stop playing/recording" icon at the bottom (the gray square on the far left).
8. You now have your coloring page action. Open up another picture, click on your "Coloring Page Action" and hit the "Play Selection" icon (the sideways triangle).
9. If you don't like the amount of Gausian Blur, you can go to your history panel, click on the step before Gausian Blur (should be called Blending Options, yes it should turn everything white), then go to Filter->Blur->Gausian Blur and slide the slider over until you like it.  That's all!

Published on 2011-03-11 13:00:00


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