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Preschoolers Telling Stories

My preschool daughter loves to tell me stories.  She'll usually illustrates her stories on a white board while I type them on the computer.  She's even started her own blog that has some of the stories she's written as well as other things she likes to do.  She tells me exactly what to write for her blog.  I think both encouraging preschoolers to tell their own stories and maybe even helping them start a blog helps them learn that writing can be fun.

Here are two of my preschooler's stories:

Peter Pan Story

Once upon a time there was boy named Peter Pan. He could fly with Tinkerbelle. He had a hat and he has some hair. And he flew off making a big circlle all around but suddenly Tinkerbelle came. She was glad. She had a hat too. Not like the same as Peter Pan. She could fly too. She had some hair. Little bit of hair. They zoomed off together.  All the way she do this do do do.  Suddenly she saw some dots came. Peter Pan say, "Those aren't dots. Those are marks from the evil Captain Pete. He's trying to shoot us."  "These are dots actually."  "Noooooo I don't think so."  He just around and around and then he stopped. "They are dots. I don't see anyone shooting. Guess you're right Tink."  Boom! "Those are fire works."  That's the end mommy.

Preschooler Telling Stories

Kit and Glug


(Based off of Grandma Bubbles Books for young readers which my daughter loves to read) 

One day a little boy named Kit was up in a tree house.  He said, "Glug where are you?"  And he was no where.  "Are you in the monster truck?"  But he was no where to be found. He heard a "Zzzzzzshhhh zzzzzzshhh." "He must be sleeping in the truck."  Meanwhile he slid off the string to his tree house.  Then he saw he was sleeping in the big enormous truck.  He was closing his eyes and he yelled to wake him up.  "What?"  "Are you impossible?"  "I'm not your right monster."  "Oh no!"  So he draw a silly monkey ears on him with his pen.  "Ahhhhhhh." And he rode off in their monster truck all the way home.  That's the end.

Preschooler Drawing of Grandma Bubbles

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