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Castle Playhouse

My husband made a playhouse castle for the girls for Christmas.  They absolutely love it. They spend hours playing in it on the upper story every day.







It has several neat features.  On the bottom floor there is a dress up closet behind some curtains on the right side of the castle.  The girls dress ups are hung on hooks and there is a plastic dresser for the small items like hats, crowns, gloves, necklaces etc.  There is also a mirror in the dress up closet.

On the other side of the bottom floor, there is the puppet show window with the puppets stored in these pockets right below the window on the inside.  There is also a toy organizer from Ikea on the bottom floor on the left.  The inside bottom floor also has these Ikea lights, along with a string of Christmas lights that are all turned on by a remote control button.

On the top floor there are two rooms. One is a kitchen with a play kitchen set with play food. The other is a large play area where the girls like to play with their princess castle toy sets and baby dolls.  The castle also has this treasure chest and mirror from Ikea.







Making the Castle

While we were working on building the castle for Christmas, we kept it a secret from the girls by hiding it behind a huge black tarp.  They never tried to go behind it.  We blocked it off with the couch, tree and ladder just in case they ever got too curious.




It was actually not as hard to build as I thought it would be. After the initial cutting was finished it was just a matter of putting it together.

We used 4 sheets of plywood and a bunch of 2x4's, 1x4s and 2x2s.  We used about a sheet and a half of 5/8" particle board for the second story floor.  The whole castle measure's 8'x4' with the towers sicking out 10".

We cut steps into the side of the castle (see first picture) where you climb up with a 1' stool at the bottom.  We wanted to make it a little hard to get up so kids who were too young to be up there by themselves anyways, couldn't climb up on their own.  We can also take the stool away if we don't want kids playing up for some reason.






Painting the Castle

To paint the castle the stone look, we used three shades of gray; dark, medium and light.  We first sponged on the darkest followed by the lighter colors.  We then painted the lines using the medium gray.

Building the playhouse castle was a fun project for my preschoolers and they sure love it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Not only does it keeps the toys and the room more organized, it keeps the kids entertained and playing happily.

Published on 2011-03-15 12:00:00


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