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My girls love bubbles! They can't get enough of them.  They would have me blow bubbles all day long they had their way.  I finally got smart and got this bubble machine blower that blows bubbles for you.

Now the kids can have "gazillions" of bubbles blown constantly blown at them until the solution runs out or the batteries die...whichever comes first.







One thing I really don't like about bubbles is how messy they are, especially when the preschooler wants to blow them him/herself.  Sticky bubble solution ends up everywhere, clothes, carpet, furniture, name it.  That's why I was really excited when I found this next bubble product.

What a great idea! A bucket with a handle that has three small slots at the top that the bubble wands can fit in. The kids can dip them in and pull them out and blow until their heart's content.  If the bucket gets tipped, there is little if any spilling of the bubble solution.  I am a fan.

Bubbles are also fun to make. Click here for several different recipes. 

Make giant bubbles by using a gallon of bubble solution (or more) and dipping in different objects with holes, i.e. clothes hangers stretched out, nets etc. Be creative.  Let the kids try different objects to see what kind of bubbles they make, if any.  It could be a good experiment for them.

You could also make a large batch of bubbles solution, pour it into a wading pool and use a hula hoop to make huge bubbles.  It's sure to be a hit with the preschoolers!

Published on 2011-02-28 11:00:00


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