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Detectives in Disguise

Today the girls wanted to do preschool. As I had nothing planned, I told them to grab a book and we'd read it and talk about it.  They chose Richard Scarry's "Find Your ABC's."

We went through and found the letters as well as the detectives who were in disguise. We talked about what a disguise was. I then decided it would be fun to do a detective themed lesson.

The girls went and got dressed up in their best disguise while I got a mystery game put together for them.

I found an empty tissue box, taped a piece of paper to cover the opening, leaving a small part open so they could stick their hand in. I filled it with little toys, paperclip, dice, balloon, pencil, rubber band, clothes pin, fuzzy material etc. The girls took turns sticking their hand in the box, grabbing something and trying to solve the mystery and guess what it was. They loved it.

In disguise, playing mystery game.

Solve the mystery: What's in the box?

After the game we went into the kitchen to solve another mystery.  How can you tell a hard boiled egg from a raw egg without breaking it open?  We felt how heavy the both were. We shook them both. We spun them both.  We observed how when spun, a raw egg flops and rolls over where as a hard boiled egg spins around and around.  We mixed hard boiled eggs with raw eggs in an egg carton and the kids had to go through each egg and figure out which was raw and which was hard boiled.

We broke two of the eggs open to see. They solved the mystery!

Next we read a few detective Berenstain Bear books:

Words to talk about: 
Magnifying Glass

Another game we played is "I spy with my little eye". The person who is "it" describes something they see and the other players have to guess what it is.

Lastly we made magnifying glasses out of red saran wrap, tape, a toy bracelet and a clothes pin.

I made up a worksheet for the kids called, "Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?" They used their magnifying glasses to follow the three different tracks left by the cat, the chameleon and the snake to see which one took the cookie.

They loved it.

CLICK HERE to download this worksheet. This worksheet is copyright and may not be used for commercial purposes or sold in any form. Feel free to print it and use it for yourself or for your preschoolers.

Published on 2013-05-03 08:00:00


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