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Teaching your preschooler to read? Grandma Bubbles has written some original, fun, colorful books that contain engaging stories that will keep your reader wanting to come back for more.

Jump in with Kit and Glug and teach your child how fun reading can be!

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My preschool girls love reading Grandma Bubbles Books. Click here to see them read a few pages from the Kit and Glug series.

Here are some other products to help your child in their reading adventure:


Preschool Resources

Book Suggestions

Here are some great books that are full of activities and ideas for toddlers and preschoolers!

Favorite Websites


When my daughter was 2 1/2 years old I taught her how to use a mouse. I then set her loose on It is full of learning activities for kids. My daughter knew all of her letters and sounds long before she was 3, thanks to this site.

Starfall also has Learn-to-Read phonics books that you can purchase to help your child's reading skills develop even further.

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Learning Activities


Before Kindergarten a child should be able to:


1. Get or make flash cards with numbers on them. If you're making your own write out each number on an index car and put a dot to represent how many that number is (1 would have 1 dot etc.). Help the child make the number out of play-doh.

2. Write each number on a separate paper plate. Get a lot of one thing (beans, fish crackers, or make your own clip art photos, shapes, animals etc.) Have your child put the number of your item on the corresponding plate.

3. Write each number on a paper bag. Sort out objects into the bags.

4. Make "blueberry pancakes". Cut circles out of cardboard and with a blue sharpie make dots for each number (one dot on one, two dots on another, three dots on another etc.). These are the blueberries. Make two pancakes with the same number of dots on them. Using a spatual play a memory game. The child flips over two pancakes and if they match they get to keep them. If they don't match the child flips them back over. Play until all of the matches are found. When the child gets older have them count out the dots each time. Younger children will just have fun flipping the "pancakes" over. You can tell them how many dots there are.

5. Count everything with your child. Count the cars in the street, count the leaves on the ground, count the toys as you pick them up, count the pictures on the wall etc. etc.

6. Make FILE FOLDER GAMES for your child that teach numbers and counting.

9. Read lots of BOOKS to your child or make your own.

10. Here are more TOYS & GAMES that can help your child learn his numbers.

Kids learn to count with these cute counting bears!

11. For older children here are some MATH activities and games.

12. Here are some number WORKSHEETS.

13. Here are some COLORING PAGES.

14. Help your child play ONLINE GAMES.

15. Here are some DVDs about numbers.

16. Here are some more WEBSITES filled with number activities.