Ideas for Preschoolers: All About Me
All About Me

Preschoolers will love learning about themselves! Pick a few of these ideas to teach them all about their bodies and how they work. Help preschoolers understand and recognize their unique differences that make them special. Help boost your preschoolers' confidence by finding things to like about themselves.

This would be a great theme for the first week of school to help the teacher get to know each child. One fun idea would be to make a book for each child to see how they change throughout the preschool year. Some things to include in their special preschool book might include:

  • Drawing: Have the preschooler draw a picture of themselves
  • Name/Handwriting: Have preschooler write/trace his/her name
  • Summer: write one fun thing they did during the summer and have them draw a picture
  • Growth: preschooler's handprint and height
  • Family: how many brothers and sisters they have, grandparents, pets etc.
  • Likes: favorite color, favorite food, favorite book, favorite movie, favorite toy, favorite thing to do etc.

Have them do the same thing at the end of the school year to see how they've changed and grown.


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